How long will my treatment take? 

A simple case can sometimes be carried out in less than 12 months, however more difficult problems can take longer. This will be depend on the treatment objectives, which we will explain in great detail to you at you orthodontic assessment. Whilst we usually we would look to achieve the maximum improvement possible, we often develop simplified plans that can meet your specific expectations without you having to spend years in treatment. 

Is orthodontic treatment painful? 

Your teeth are likely to be uncomfortable for around 3-5days after the appliance has been fitted. If necessary simple pain killers can be taken to help – please read the instructions on the packet. If the brace rubs your lips and cheeks we supply you with some orthodontic relief wax to help ease any irritation.

Will having braces affect my speech? 

Every orthodontic appliance in your mouth has the potential to affect the way you talk, with any orthodontic appliance we recommend allowing yourself about a week to adjust to the new appliance after this any speech issues in your mouth will be very minor and temporary, once you are used to this. 

I like to pay contact sport will this stop me from being able to do this? 

You will be able to continue to play contact sports but will likely need a new mouthguard. As your teeth will be moving, it may be sensible to use a gumshield designed for braces that is not fully customised as this may require replacement during treatment. 

How long will I need to wear my retainer? 

You will be advised to wear you retainer(s) regularly for as long as you wish your teeth to remain straight. Changes with the positions of your teeth can continue throughout life and are part of the normal ageing process.