Getting the most out of Invisalign

Invisalign is an incredible system and we look forward to sharing the journey with you. To achieve the best results, it is vital that you:

  • Wear your aligners 22 hours per day – your treatment will simply not work if you wear your aligners less than this
  • Use your chewies – chewies may seem small and very simple, but they are crucial to achieving quick, predictable results. You must chew this every time you insert your aligner to ensure the aligner is fully in place. This will speed up movement, stimulate blood flow to relieve symptoms and will help with stubborn teeth. It is also worth using your chewies periodoically throughout the day – in the car, while watching tv or whilst at your desk
  • Don’t take shortcuts – only change your aligner when instructed. Once we get the teeth moving, your clinician can advise if/when you can reduce to 7 day changes- this will only be possible if you are following the instructions strictly 
  • Keep your teeth and gums clean – remember to brush your teeth and clean your aligners regularly. Don’t forget to clean the gumline and use interdental brushes between your teeth to keep your dental tissues healthy
  • Speak (and sing!) as much as you can – practice makes perfect, your speech will feel natural within a day or so in most cases 
  • Keep attending your dentist – don’t forget to keep visiting your dentist. We will let you know if there are any obvious issues that need attention but there is no substitute for the attention provided by the general dentist who has helped take care of your teeth for years 


  1. Does Invisalign hurt? Patients tell us that their aligners feel tight to begin with and some tenderness is expected for the first few days of each aligner. Most individuals don’t need any pain relief but a simple analgesic like paracetamol can help if you do find some discomfort
  2. Can a clear piece of plastic really move my teeth? 8+ million people can’t be wrong. As Invisalign moves your teeth in small, incremental stages, each aligner only has to carry out a small amount of movement. The cumulative result is an incredible transformation.
  3. Is Invisalign better than fixed braces? Both types of braces have their advantages and disadvantages. Invisalign will be suitable for 95% of cases. Contact us now for a free consultation and we can help find the solution that is the right fit for you. 
  4. Will my speech be affected? Your very first aligner will feel strange but you will get used to things very quickly. Practice speaking as much as possible and things will feel natural in no time. Our patients tell us that this process can take a day or two
  5. Is Invisalign Invisible? We like to say that Invisalign is hard to notice, and the most discreet solution available. Attachments are tooth coloured and blend in to the tooth well. Our patients tell us that their friends and colleagues rarely notice that they have even had orthodontic treatment done.
  6. Is Invisalign expensive? Invisalign is the premium orthodontic system and is tried and tested. We believe that it represents great value for money and is a great investment. Payment options are available for all treatments, all of which are interest free.