Why straighten your teeth?

Why straighten your teeth at Orthodontic Lounge? 


  • A practice dedicated to Orthodontics, dedicated to you – Our practice only provides orthodontic treatment so we can focus on providing you with the best possible care
  • We have created a luxurious, calm environment close to all transport links and amenities
    • A team-based approach – all members of our team are highly trained and understand Orthodontics and your journey to straight teeth. We will all be invested in your journey and will work hard to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible
    • State of the art technology meets Experience – Cutting edge intra-oral scanners mean that we can simulate your smile on your first visit, without even taking an impression/mould 
    • OPT Imaging – CBCT imaging allows for the most accurate information about the anatomy and position of tour dental tissues allowing us to make the most accurate plan possible.
    • The experts in Invisalign – Put your trust in a team that has treated hundreds of Invisalign patients, and were the first in Scotland to achieve Diamond Provider status. 
    • Don’t limit yourself – Our team have treated thousands of patients, adults and children – from the simplest 6 months cases to complex multi-disciplinary care. We offer a variety of brace options and are not restricted to a single tool when considering the best solution for you.
    • In uncertain times, we have worked hard to provide a spacious, class-leading environment to keep you and your loved ones safe. Fully inspected and approved, our state-of-the-art decontamination unit, ventilation system and infection control procedures will reassure you that you are in safe hands. 
    • See My Smile – Whilst we will design a comprehensive tailored treatment plan after discussing your options in detail, we are proud to be able to offer a detailed preview of your potential smile in 3D utilising ground breaking optical scanning technology that takes thousands of pictures of your teeth in a matter of minutes – all without gloopy impressions. Start building the excitement from your first visit.
    • Impression-free Orthodontics – its is now possible to complete your entire course of orthodontic treatment without a single impression. With class-leading Vivera Retainers, you will also end up with 3 sets of retainers, future proofing your smile.
    • Same Day Retainers – with our own on-site Retainer Lab, we can produce retainers often within hours to reduce the chances of your teeth moving back towards their old position. Fully customised pressure formed retainers are included in all of our treatment plans.
    • Fully customised Orthodontics – Why buy one size fits all when we can design a tailor made solution. With Invisalign and Insignia, we can offer both a nearly invisible and more conventional braces solution that is fully customised to your individual anatomy and requirements. Computer Aided Design and Manufacture allows us to apply modern manufacturing concepts to the Art of Orthodontics.