Keeping your teeth straight

Once you have achieved a wonderful result, it is crucial that we keep your teeth in position. You may have had orthodontic treatment in the past and will know that teeth will quickly move out of position if retainers are not used as prescribed. Teeth have a memory and will gradually drift back to their old positions. In addition, movement of the front teeth is part of the natural ageing process. 

The only way to keep your teeth in position is to wear retainers 

  1. How long should I keep wearing retainers for?
  2. For as long as you want your teeth to stay straight!

Retainers will typically need to be worn full time for around 6 months (removed for eating, drinking, brushing and very special occasions). After this, they can be worn at night time only. Longer term, they should only need to be worn one or two nights per week. It is so important that you must not stop wearing your retainers at any point


  1. I need to get a filling, what happens to my retainer? You will possibly have to replace your retainer if it changes the shape of your teeth (unless this is minor) – contact us ASAP for advice 
  2. I’ve lost my retainer, what do I do? Get in touch ASAP and we can arrange a replacement, sometimes on the same day
  3. I forgot to take my retainer on holiday and now it feels tight, what do I do? Make sure you restart wearing your retainer full time. It should feel normal within a few days but will likely cause slight tenderness in your teeth – this is normal and will disappear 
  4. How do I clean my retainers? Clean using a mild dish soap and soft toothbrush. A simpler way is to use the toothpaste that is left on your brush after normal brushing (fresh toothpaste is a little scratchy). Never use hot water on your retainer as it can distort
  5. I had treatment years ago, do I still need to wear my retainer? Yes! Teeth will always try to move, don’t take a chance with your smile 
  6. How long should a retainer last for? Retainers will typically last at least a year, some patients will have retainers that will last for much longer. Factors such as a tendency to grind your teeth etc will affect their lifespan. Vivera Retainers are great value as you get 3 identical sets of retainers. These are also the most durable retainers that are available. These are also made from Scans of your teeth so no impressions are required.