Our Treatments

Traditional Metal Braces

The tried and tested, clinically proven treatment choice in orthodontics. We use only the highest quality stainless steel brackets that are low profile and precision engineered to ensure efficient tooth movement. A full range of colours are available for your patient to personalise their appliance.

Iconix Aesthetic Braces

Iconix stainless steel champagne coloured brackets truly offer the best of both worlds, the durability of stainless steel and the aesthetics of “white” gold. A unique proprietary process ensures these brackets will stay champagne for the duration of treatment. When matched with gold wire and clear ligatures, Iconix offers a complete patient pleasing cosmetic system that requires literally no sacrifice on your part.

3M Clarity

Tooth coloured Clarity Advanced brackets ensure excellence in aesthetics for patients wishing discreet orthodontic treatment. The compact and low profile design enhances patient comfort whilst ensuring efficient tooth movement.

Damon Clear Self-ligating Braces

Low-friction, elastic free ceramic braces designed to give optimal speedy tooth movement for those individuals looking for a discreet solution. This bracket system will resist discolouration from food and drink as the wire is held in place with sliding gates rather than elastic bands. State-of-the-art customised Copper Nickel Titanium wires are used to provide optimal comfort and performance. The Damon system is designed to provide a signature wide smile with minimal discomfort and in the quickest possible time.

Functional and Removable Braces

We offer a comprehensive range of removable appliances and our team work hard to assist with patient motivation to help them achieve maximum compliance during treatment. We are proud to partner with some of the most experienced labs in the UK, thus allowing us to provide accurate fitting appliances, ensuring the highest chance of treatment success.

Vivera Retainers

Utilising digital scanning, we are able to prescribe the most accurate fitting Vivera retainers without the use of impressions. Vivera retainers can be manufactured in multiple sets with your patient being provided three sets as standard at the end of treatment. Patient scans are saved digitally and should there be a requirement, we are able to manufacture replacement sets within a matter of days. Vivera retainers are considered to be the thinnest, most comfortable market leading retainers currently available.